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Hom / Long boxerbrief HO1 New

Description : The HO1 New revolution: The patterned HO1 structure with a fully modernized styling. Thanks to a unique horizontal opening structure and technical fabrics, discover the sensation of support without compression.
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Pretty, fine material, which the weaving done small square pattern appear. Wide belt grey enhanced of the CLEVER logo in golden letters. Unlined front pouch. Clever
Trunk Lolite
Much-airy, semi-transparent fabric close to lace while integrating a male pattern. Large silver waist band with wide logo CLEVER. Unlined front pouch. Clever
Boxer brief Jasper
Very soft material to the touch, stretch, lightweight and comfortable to wear. Wide belt with metal reflections metal and logo (the position of the logo may vary from one article to the other). Clever
Trunk Modena
Jor - Trunk Hipster

Boxer shop - Front & back viewsBoxer shop - Front & back views
New line bestseller of Eminence. A micromodal and cotton fabric, fine and extensible for underwear to carry every day, ensuring a efficient and soft support and an exceptional comfort. Eminence
Boxer brief Micro Coton
$31.12USD $15.56USD
Majority cotton with a pretty small effect slightly bright checkerboard tiles made with a jacquard knitting pattern. Material is very thin and soft. Irreproachable comfort. Hom
Boxer brief Damier Comfort
$40.87USD $20.43USD
Material fluid and light, typically lingerie, design for men by Manstore for this line to cuts adjusted and characterized by a black waist band with MANSTORE logo and enhanced lined blue figurines. Unlined front pouch. MANstore
Trunk M308
$52.99USD $26.50USD

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