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Body Art / Trunk Saloniki

Description : Shorty in very thin and slightly transparent material with star bright patterns. Red logo Body art on a thin elastic waistband. Small metallic rings on each side.
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Boxerbrief in a semi-transparent material that gives a wonderful lace effect on the skin and very comfortable thanks to an important rate of elasthan. Silicone logo sewn on the front. Lined front pouch with a veil. Olaf Benz
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Boxerbrief in a very fluid and comfortable material, available in a bow tie pattern. Horizontal opening on the top and support pouch  for a unique support and comfort. Microfiber satiny waistband. Unlined front pouch. Hom
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A very fluid, extensible and light material for a ultra comfortable brief and a multicolour pattern enhanced by contrasted black borders. Logo sewn on the front. Unlined front pouch. MANstore
Trunk M427

Boxer shop - Front & back viewsBoxer shop - Front & back views
Transparency thanks to the insets of tulle that hides just what it should be and leaves guess all the rest. Hotappose logo on the side of the thigh. Impetus
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$45.83USD $27.50USD
Light and smooth material, second skin effect for an exceptional comfort. Unlined front pouch. Article of high-quality. Olaf Benz
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Zipped chequered: material satin, ultra soft and stretchy for comfort and a false zipper around the Pocket for fun. Belt elastic sealed patterned checkerboard. Lined at the front. Geronimo
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$39.23USD $23.54USD

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