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Body Art / Trunk Santorini

Description : Soft and extensible material just very pleasant to wear everyday. Three red bright stars forms a vertical line under the waitband. Lined front pouch.
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Beautiful black polyamide material for a perfectly comfortable, belt with vertical stripes white/black. Olaf Benz
Boxer brief 1470
Mixed polyamide / polyester, printed style costume made of small scratches and a grid of points. Assured chic style. Olaf Benz
Boxer brief 1469
For the seducers, here is a semi-transparent line, very sensual. Based on a fine black mesh very extensible. Quality and comfort assured. Unlined front pouch. Kale Owen
Trunk Sensual

Boxer shop - Front & back viewsBoxer shop - Front & back views
A shorty sensitive spandex nylon perfect for sports: a material allowing the skin to breathe, which avoids overheating and dries quickly. Contrasting stitching. «H» of the mark HOM decorated with colorful flags. Hom
Trunk Rio Cup
$37.12USD $22.27USD
Zaki: pattern like Impressionist painting with color gradients. Logo rubber sewn. Lined at the front. Body Art
Trunk Zaki
$51.24USD $30.75USD
Beautiful alliance between two stretch and comfortable materials: one with reasons of feline coat, the other for scratches, slightly transparent veil. Lined at the front. Body Art
Trunk Zefira
$51.24USD $40.99USD

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