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Body Art / Trunk Rhea

Description : Hipslip cut. An elegant cut made from a fine material alternating thin stripes opaque and transparent. Central seam on the back that sculpts your buttocks. Waist band embroidered Body Art.
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On one of the most pleasant material to wear in the field of male underwear, abstract printed pattern San Roca. According to the random placement of the pattern, each underwear is different and therefore a unique piece! Unlined front pouch. Kale Owen
Trunk San Roca
Small patterns on this material polyamide and viscose, enhanced by blue or yellow edges. MANstore
Trunk M450
Beautiful black polyamide material for a perfectly comfortable, belt with vertical stripes white/black. Olaf Benz
Boxer brief 1470

Boxer shop - Front & back viewsBoxer shop - Front & back views
Elegant cut on an extremely soft and light material that adapts ideally to your Anatomy for a pleasant comfort. Waistband and borders of contrasting color with centered logo Olaf Benz. Olaf Benz
Boxer brief 1289
$48.24USD $28.95USD
Apropo Pants cut. Permanent line M105, opacity and transparency for products still so sexy and comfortable to wear. Fine material transparent veil. MANstore
Trunk M105
Click pants. New permanent line, sexy, black chechmate. Elasticity, details of the completions, all are here for a maximum pleasure. MANstore
Boxer brief M104

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