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Olaf Benz / Boxer brief 1202

Description : Light and smooth material, second skin effect for an exceptional comfort. Unlined front pouch. Article of high-quality.
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Set of 3 black boxerbriefs in breathable cotton, comfortable and resistant. Waistband with tonic colours (yellow, turquoise, purple),  ATHENA logo and Pulse label. Lined front pouch. Athena
Boxer brief Pulse
$36.39USD 3-pack
Set of 3 boxerbriefs in tonic colours (1 royal blue, 1 turquoise, 1 red) made of a stretch cotton, breathable and comfortable. Grey or red waistband with athena logo. Lined front pouch. Athena
Boxer brief Contrast
$32.20USD 3-pack
Set of 3 black boxerbriefs made of a second skin microfiber material,  soft and comfortable. Waistband with graphic patterns, ATHENA logo and a different coloured line on each piece of the set. Lined front pouch. Athena
Boxer brief Black
$36.39USD 3-pack
Mandel & Dailleux - Boxer brief Diplomate

Boxer shop - Front & back viewsBoxer shop - Front & back views
A two-colored and two-materials boxerbrief. From one side, a opaque tissue and on the other one, a fine mesh which hide what is needed and let glimpse all the rest. Pouch border and back seam contrasted. Satiny belt with logo. Unlined front pouch. Clever
Boxer brief Boreal
$41.57USD $24.94USD
Matière coton très confortable pour ce boxer avec juste ce qu'il faut d'élasthane pour lui donner plus de souplesse ;  colori intense uni réhaussé par une ceinture élastique au motif représentant des phénomènes cosmiques. Poche doublée. Athena
Boxer brief Cosmic
$12.24USD $7.34USD
Wide mesh material. Sealed elastic belt. Contrasted pouch and thigh borders. Open and unlined front pouch. Clever
Boxer brief Feroe
$44.11USD $26.46USD

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