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Body Art / Thong Zorbas

Description : Zorbas: a solid black and brilliant material adorned with metal eyelets for a very sexy line. Unlined front pouch.
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Tower string cut. Less covering than the standard thong thus sexier, vertical pouch and waist band in form of T, a bestseller at the unconditional ones of thongs. MANstore
Thong M200 X
Pack of 2 underwear (1 Micro Pants in black veil + 1 Tower String of bright color). Small price. MANstore
Thong M103 I
Dark satin material, printed snake skin tone on tone. MANstore
String M414

Thong Shop - Front & back viewsThong Shop - Front & back views
The flesh to show transparency and nothing hide... Fine veil polyester, white border. MANstore
Thong M317
$48.44USD $29.07USD
Fine material particularly comfortable polyamide. Large waist band printed with the English flag on a black background. Body Art
Thong Andros
$40.83USD $24.50USD
Front part detachable Velcro, material glossy, printed leopard on violet tones. The detached part appear a black veil at the level of the sex. Black Veil for other parts of the model. Body Art
Thong Valmas
$48.72USD $29.23USD

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