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Body Art / String Saloniki

Description : String in very thin and slightly transparent material with star bright patterns. Small metallic rings on each side.
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Extremely extensible fabric which when worn makes appear a grid pattern of differents transparences. Thin covered waistband with a sewn silicone logo. Lined front pouch with a veil. Olaf Benz
Thong 1423
Very beautiful transparency effect for this line M419 with a striped veil material which reveals your anatomy with refinement and daring. Cloth logo sewn on the side. Unlined front pouch. MANstore
Thong M419
The big originality of this thong is in the waistband made of black, white and blue links. Pouch made of lined large mesh material. Mesh triangle in the back. White links and borders. Candyman
String Braid

Thong Shop - Front & back viewsThong Shop - Front & back views
A fine very stretchable polyamide material and a semi-transparent Zebra fabric characterized the line Zébré. Unlined front pouch. European manufacturing. Geronimo
Thong Zébré
$26.15USD $15.69USD
Front part detachable Velcro, material glossy, printed leopard on violet tones. The detached part appear a black veil at the level of the sex. Black Veil for other parts of the model. Body Art
Thong Valmas
$45.57USD $27.34USD
Lace mesh. Elastic waist band sealed and covered back. Unlined front pouch. Clever
Thong Calipso
$38.32USD $30.66USD

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