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Body Art / Jewels thong Aperi

Description : Dark matter devoured leaving to guess the ground with transparency
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String thong, round elastic, among smaller underwear. Width adjustable Pouch by a curtain system. Material pleasantly stretch polyamide. T-shape back. Unlined front pouch. X-Ban
String Colormania
Waves: multicolour printed on a polyester base very fine and light curves. A unique pattern at L'Homme invisible. L'homme invisible
Stripper thong Waves
Fatal Attraction: A beautiful fabric veil semitransparent flesh-colored, raised by Pink and purple flowers. L'homme invisible
Stripper thong Fatal Attraction

Thong Shop - Front & back viewsThong Shop - Front & back views
Basicstring cut. A fine cotton, nets very fine, and rich in elastic material. Waist band with logo OLAF BENZ in relief. Small red logo under the waist band. Unlined front pouch. Olaf Benz
Thong 1203
Poesie plume: A material as light as a printed feather of a text penmanship. Tempting and daring forms. An ultrafine and soft belt, for a second skin effect. Hom
Thong Plume Poesie
$26.25USD $15.75USD
String in very thin and slightly transparent material with star bright patterns. Small metallic rings on each side. Body Art
String Saloniki
$38.91USD $23.35USD

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