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Body Art / Thong Bekri

Description : Polyester woven material, pleasant to the touch. Alternation of opaque black stripes, dotted white and black veil. Opening front zip doubled inside.
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String thong, round elastic, among smaller underwear. Width adjustable Pouch by a curtain system. Transparent veil material, stretch polyamide. T-shape back. Unlined front pouch. X-Ban
String Nude
Material semi-transparent tulle, lined at the front. Very extensible. Sexy and comfortable. Olaf Benz red logo. Olaf Benz
Thong 1380
T-Face thong, a mini-thong cut, adjusted, low waist. Transparent veil material, stretch polyamide. Unlined front pouch. X-Ban
Thong Nude

Thong Shop - Front & back viewsThong Shop - Front & back views
Fine and fluid, very stretchy material for second skin effect. Pinstripe Blue grey colour. Olaf Benz
Thong 1373
$44.79USD $40.31USD
Printed scales of snake color green/violet. Belt purple. Lined at the front. Body Art
String Vamos
$38.19USD $22.91USD
Light and smooth material, second skin effect for an exceptional comfort. Unlined front pouch. Article of high-quality. Olaf Benz
Thong 1202

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