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Body Art / Thong Aliki

Description : Original print consisting of American and British flags on a usuer fine, smooth, and extensible. Unlined front pouch.
Price : $40.83USD $24.50USD
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Pattern of wild animal inspiration, beautifully drawn, grey/blue on black background. Polyamide printed material, very light. Unlined front pouch. MANstore
Thong M415
On a thin base of cotton and viscose stripes pattern tone on tone. Light material. Unlined front pouch. Olaf Benz
Thong 1413
Tanga thong. Three-coloured unlined front pouch in a soft and comfortable material. Constrasted borders and links. Rubber waistband with incrusted logo all around. Candyman
Thong Flag

Thong Shop - Front & back viewsThong Shop - Front & back views
M319 line is characterized by material imitation leather with a surprising skin touch. Not doubled but inner texture soft and comfortable. MANstore
Thong M319
$88.31USD $52.98USD
A fine very stretchable polyamide material and a semi-transparent Zebra fabric characterized the line Zébré. Unlined front pouch. European manufacturing. Geronimo
Thong Zébré
$27.96USD $16.78USD
Get out your claws with the line 1366: a fine material in sailing honeycomb patterned cats and a double colori origiinal khaki on the outside and Brown inside. Logo stitched to. Olaf Benz
Thong 1366
$47.89USD $28.73USD

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