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X-Ban / String Colormania

Description : Bubble thong, a very mini string string front with his pouch in the form of olive to the tiny base, tiny back triangle. Material pleasantly stretch polyamide. Unlined front pouch.
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Line Beau based on material micromodal airjet for maximum softness, comfort and ventilation. Gregg Homme
String Beau
Tryst, velvet leopard and black veil, a sexy and sophisticated line. Detail: metal Golden logo. Gregg Homme
Thong Tryst
An original association of fabric imitation leather, black satin and a colorful material hyperstretch, slinky for a sexy effect. Gregg Homme
Thong Two-Timer
Doreanse - String Border 3

Thong Shop - Front & back viewsThong Shop - Front & back views
A bit special string whose the link on the back tieding the waistband to the pouch has been replaced by a small chain. A shiny and creaking under fingers material in a plain colour with a slight pattern for a hammered metal effect. Cloth logo sewn on Manstore
String M423
$35.95USD $25.16USD
A silky and slightly brilliant material which gets light to give it changing reflections. Two-coloured (grey and purple) double rubber waistband. Logo sewn on the front. Lined pouch. Gregg Homme
String Fullmoon
$44.33USD $31.03USD
Let yourself be seduced by the Hermes thong and its magnificent black transparent veil material enhanced by white lace sumptious arabesques. Cloth logo sewn on the front. Unlined front pouch. Body Art
Thong Hermes
$34.18USD $23.93USD
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