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Body Art / Trunk Zefira

Description : Beautiful alliance between two stretch and comfortable materials: one with reasons of feline coat, the other for scratches, slightly transparent veil. Lined at the front.
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Special Nightclub edition. Line based on something brilliant which to the advantage of being comfortable to wear. MANstore
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Bright colours, shapes that lend themselves to the striptease... MANstore
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The mini pants cut of Manstore. High quality polyamid material, extensible. Unlined front pouch. MANstore
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Boxer shop - Front & back viewsBoxer shop - Front & back views
Front part detachable Velcro, material glossy, printed leopard on violet tones. The detached part appear a black veil at the level of the sex. Black Veil for other parts of the model. Body Art
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Majority micromodal material with elegant knitted stripe. Patented horizontal opening. The Must-have brand HOM. Discover the incredible comfort of the brief HO1, associated with a look very trendy. Hom
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Line M318: fluid, soft, comfortable material in a pattern Recalling the coat of the fauves. Unlined front pouch. MANstore
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