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Hom / Long boxerbrief HO1 New

Description : The HO1 New revolution: The patterned HO1 structure with a fully modernized styling. Thanks to a unique horizontal opening structure and technical fabrics, discover the sensation of support without compression.
Price : $46.24USD
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Lover Boy : a trunk made of an openwork material that gives a slight transparency and a cockering (rubberband) inside for a push-up effect. Multicolour waistband with two loops on the sides. Silicone logo sewn on the front. Unlined front pouch. Gregg Homme
Trunk Lover Boy
Low waist trunk in a very soft and very extensible material. The alternation of transparent and plain stripes and the special shape of the pouch like a sheath  particularly highlights your anatomy. Cloth logo sewn on the front. Unlined front pouch. Gregg Homme
Trunk Encore
Future  : a trunk in a veil material with whirling patterns for a wonderful effect on the skin. Rubber logo sewn on the front. Preformed and unlined front pouch. Body Art
Trunk Future
MANstore - Trunk M450

Boxer shop - Front & back viewsBoxer shop - Front & back views
Fine ultra soft, very stretchy material. Placement of the diagonal stripes. Large comfortable elastic waistband. Lined at the front. Body Art
Trunk Faliraki
$51.24USD $46.12USD
1370: a fluid and stretchy material for your comfort and a pattern formed sihouettes in a camaieu of gray with a graphic look. Fabric logo stitched to. Unlined front pouch. Olaf Benz
Boxer brief 1370
$55.12USD $49.60USD
Long Boxer colored Cotton spandex thin and soft. Long cut avoids overheating, it ensures a maintenance and extreme comfort. Planks not constrictive, invisible under pants. Hom
Boxer brief Sunny Days
$33.12USD $29.81USD

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