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Olaf Benz / Boxer brief 1378

Description : A cotton in Olaf Benz but material of the finest quality, color intense, fine and extensible. Unlined front pouch. Logo flexible Olaf Benz.
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A very soft and comfortable material for a white trunk enhanced by red borders on one side which will delight all the simplicity lovers. Rubber waistband covered outside for a more refined look. Lined front pouch. L'homme invisible
Trunk Bodyscapes
Soft and extensible material with small bikes patterns. Rubber waistband with a very fine checkerboard pattern. Lined front pouch. Sold in a matched pouch. Eminence
Boxer brief Rive Gauche
A very soft, satiny and extensible material for this trunk with a sumptuous floral pattern, inspired from the refined and delicate charm of the English mansions. Rubber waistband with the iconic V shape of the brand. Silicone logo sewn on the front. L'homme invisible
Trunk English Garden
Doreanse - Trunk Africa

Boxer shop - Front & back viewsBoxer shop - Front & back views
A glossed aspect and a stretchable material are not incompatible, the evidence with this pretty amazing 1384 line by its lightness and its made visual. Unlined front pouch. Olaf Benz
Trunk 1384
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Long Boxer colored Cotton spandex thin and soft. Long cut avoids overheating, it ensures a maintenance and extreme comfort. Planks not constrictive, invisible under pants. Hom
Boxer brief Sunny Days
$29.22USD $17.53USD
Printed all over on the theme of Palm trees, based on a fine microfiber material. Wide belt with logo HOT all around. Lined at the front. Impetus
Boxer brief Palm
$40.14USD $24.08USD

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