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Body Art / Trunk Tilissos

Description : Beautiful soft, fluid, extensible material. Graphic pattern on a blue background in monochrome. Logo rubber sewn before. Unlined front pouch.
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A soft, fluid and comfortable material with an original pattern made with newspapers, graffiti and stamps.Rubber waistband with logo. Lined front pouch. Hom
Boxer brief Factory
Adaptive : a breathable material and flat seams to avoid rubbing, ideal for sport. Perfect support thanks to elasthan. Two contrasted strips on the sides printed Hom Sport. Rubber waistband with logo. Lined front pouch. Hom
Long boxerbrief Adaptive
Colorama combines elegance, comfort and convenience: sensitive material, light and soft which allows the skin to breathe, avoids chafing and dryes quickly. Constrasting pipings around the pouch. Satiny rubber waistband with logo. Lined front pouch. Hom
Boxer brief Colorama

Boxer shop - Front & back viewsBoxer shop - Front & back views
Printed grid on a very extensible and fine polyester material. Perfect comfort. Metal ring chrome. Unlined front pouch. Vertical zip opening. MANstore
Boxer brief M271
$90.38USD $45.19USD
Cotton / polyamid material with satin stripes. Granted and waist band marked IMPETUS. Lined at the front. Impetus
Boxer brief Trendy
$35.99USD $17.99USD
Special cut Sprint pants, running short design on sides. High quality polyamid material, extensible. Unlined front pouch. MANstore
Trunk M200 IX
$58.69USD $41.08USD

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