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Body Art / Trunk Zefira

Description : Beautiful alliance between two stretch and comfortable materials: one with reasons of feline coat, the other for scratches, slightly transparent veil. Lined at the front.
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Boxerbrief in polyamide elasthan Liquid, the most fluid material that exists. Horizontal opening on the top and support pouch  for a unique support and comfort. Covered waistband. H from HOM brand in velvet transfer on the leg. Unlined front pouch. Hom
Boxer brief Smoking
Boxerbrief in a very fluid and comfortable material, available in a bow tie pattern. Horizontal opening on the top and support pouch  for a unique support and comfort. Microfiber satiny waistband. Unlined front pouch. Hom
Boxer brief Bowtie Christmas
An imitation leather material which remains comfortable for a ultra sexy look. Small arrow on the front hold by a sewn link. Unlined front pouch. MANstore
Trunk M418

Boxer shop - Front & back viewsBoxer shop - Front & back views
Combination of two beautiful materials, black mat and printed red Scots. Not doubled before. Body Art
Boxer brief Borsion
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Transparent veil, comfortable. Black borders. Unlined front pouch. Absolutely sexy! Bungee Pants cut: an elastic under your private parts to enhance them. MANstore
Boxer brief M412
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New: HOM reminder line Soft Modal. Modal elasthan super soft and comfortable products. A detail refined: a boundless waist band with Hom
Boxer brief Modal Sensation
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